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Windows Live Messenger invitations available March 17, 2006

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I have ’em. Anyone want them? If so, comment with your email address and I’d be happy to share.

As you likely know, it’s the invitation-only beta version of the newest version of MS Messenger. It’s definitely worth a look-see.


I’m back March 17, 2006

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DSL problems were a nightmare, but I think they may finally be behind me! It’s been almost three weeks since I’ve had access from my house…unbelievable.

Connectivity – none March 8, 2006

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I guess no blog traffic = no one holding hands and chanting with me for my Internet to return to my house. We’ve now surpassed every logical connectivity error and have resorted to having the phone company come out and look at our phone lines (we have DSL). This won’t be happening until Saturday.

I guess it would be more encouraging if I actually believed that when that Bell employee leaves my little abode on Saturday, the Internet will be functioning. But I have no such high hopes.

I’m a web grrl with no web…well, only at work, which is where I’m coming to you from today.

Buzzzzzzzz – Pearl Jam for free March 8, 2006

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I’m all about free music, especially when it’s legal!

Pearl Jam made a single, Worldwide Suicide, from their upcoming self-titled CD available for unrestricted download today and today only. Go check it out here.

And what a great way to get the buzz running for their upcoming CD. Pearl Jam has always been a strong proponent of file-sharing music, and this helps them to stay true to their roots in that respect without disrespecting their label.

Moreover, it gets people like me writing posts like this telling people like you about their upcoming album. Using the Internet to start the buzz before the single is even out there in the mainstream, or the CD is released. Kudos to Eddie Vedder and crew!

Abortion illegal in South Dakota? March 7, 2006

Posted by Karen in Rant.
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You have no idea how sad this makes me. What year is this?

This makes me sad for the women of South Dakota, who are now deemed incapable of deciding what’s best for themselves. Or even worse yet, those that may feel forced to try and perform unsafe procedures to end unwanted pregnancies. It’s a giant step back for the U.S. as a nation.

Check out this link for more info

Life without Internet March 7, 2006

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I didn’t know it would be so tough.

We have DSL at home, and something has gone horribly awry which has left us connection-free for over a week.

In one sense, it’s freeing. I’m not a slave to the computer. I’m not even tempted to sit down and check my work e-mails (or answer them, or even stress about them!) In another sense, I also can’t get emails from friends and family…and perhaps most painful is my complete inability to look anything up.

Which begs the questions, what the hell did I ever do before the Internet? How did I find phone numbers? Look up store hours? Hunt for programs? Pay my bills?? They’re all online, and I don’t access them from work.

Now it stands to reason that I’d have a harder time administering some of my side-web-projects without home Internet access, but who knew how disturbing that would be?

I’m told the problem is now in the hands of Bell Canada, not my ISP. They’ve done all they can, and we have too.

So please, blogosphere…let’s all hold cyber-hands and hum in unison that connectivity will return to my house without delay.

Work with me, people.